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Are you both having morning sickness?

Not sure if its bothering anyone else but there is a difference between using SUNBAE (KOREAN) vs. SENPAI (JAPANESE) I know its a small thing to be annoyed about but still using the correct term would be well correct…

when you meet your idol in a restroom

cutest fan/celebrity relationship ever

cutest fan/celebrity relationship ever

"My name, my age…everything is fake. But… Jung Soo Young, Popcorn Sister, Ally, Secretary Jung… Jung Soo Young… the fact that i like you is real"

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the struggle is real

"It’s Okay, That’s Love" poster photoshoot bts: do kyungsoo ver.

Once I say I won’t sell it, that means I will never sell it. That island is my wife’s hometown. Before I die, my decision will never change.